Acoustic Guitar Making

‘Acoustic Guitar Making’ is the title of a book written by Nick Blishen on the subject of hand making acoustic guitars.

Many people are frustrated by the mass-produced guitar, and long for a unique instrument hand-made to their own specification and design. This practical book will help you to achieve that dream, and inform and enlighten you along the way. Drawing on a range of ideas and techniques, it explains the process in a clear and logical way, thereby demystifying the task and making the guitar a joy to build and then to play.

Topics covered:

  • Tools, techniques and selection of materials
  • Careful instruction on the detailed process from making the initial templates through to gluing the fingerboard
  • Tips throughout on how to avoid pitfalls and make faster progress
  • Advice on how to achieve a professional finish, and setting up the guitar

RRP: £25.00

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